N&B Propellers
A Division of Diverse Group

Welcome to the website of N and B Propellers, a division of Diverse Engineering Ltd.

We are located in Nelson, at the top of the South Island of New Zealand. 

Our propeller shop, at the Diverse Engineering site, provides an essential specialist service for all boat and ship owners.

On the production side , we manufacture two, three, four and five bladed propellers ranging from 200mm to 1800mm diameter, from manganese bronze or nickel aluminium bronze.

Included in this work, we produce propeller blades to suit variable control propellers expanding our propeller diameters up to 3.6 metres.

With our balancing machine to complement the propeller department, we can ensure the propellers are balanced.

Dynamic Balancer Capacity is 1750mm diameter. Weight 400kg. Length-variable.

Propeller repairs and repitching are carried out on a daily basis for various clients around New Zealand.


Non Ferrous Foundary

Tank Vents                                  Cored Bronze                                        
Prop Nuts                                    Shaft Zincs
Valve Handles                              Specialised Anodes
Bronze Wing Nuts                         Docking Plug Assemblies
Struts                                          Gypsys
Stern Gear                                   Surge Drums

Please contact Graham for more information.

mobile 027 222 1181
email db@diverseengineering.co.nz

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